Financial Management and Accounting Services

SIPL possesses immense expertise to provide Accounting and Financial Management services to its clients. Its Senior Consultant / Managing Director, Mr. Peter Rezel is a Chartered Accountant with many years of local and international experience in the corporate and not-for-profit sector and Ms. Rushika Kannangara, the Associate Consultant / Director is a Management Accountant with many years of consultancy experience. Services provided in this area are:

  1. Developing and implementing financial and accounting systems
  2. Developing and implementing financial planning control systems
  3. Developing and implementing financial management information systems
  4. Carrying out internal audits and internal reviews pertaining to financial and administrative systems and procedures

Some assignments conducted by SIPL in this area are:

  • Assisting Sarvodaya Suwsetha Sewa Society Limited (SSSS) to develop a Good Financial Governance Model
  • Assisting GPG Prepare the Final Financial Report for the WTF Project
  • Assisting GPG to Prepare for the Annual Audit of 2012/13 and 2013/14
  • Assisting Helvitas in the Financial Management and Administration of the EU Project
  • Computerizing the Accounting Function at GPG, Setting up Financial Systems and Procedures and Preparing the Books of Accounts for 2011-2012
  • Providing Financial Oversight for the organization for the period 2012-2013
  • Setting up a Computerized Accounting System, Developing Financial Systems and Procedures and Overseeing the Accounting Function for 2011-2012