Carrying out a Review of the Existing Strategic Plan for LEADS for 2013 – 2016

In December 2012, Strategic Inspirations (Pvt) Ltd (SIPL) facilitated the development of a Strategic Plan for LEADS for the period 2013 – 2016.  This plan was formulated after undertaking a review of the organization’s work over the past 30 years. The strategic review was carried out by obtaining feedback from various stakeholders, including the Board, network partners, other beneficiaries, government officials, development specialists and other prominent players working in the same areas as LEADS.

Sri Lanka has been through drastic political and economic changes since the last Strategic Plan was developed for LEADS. Therefore SIPL was requested to carry out a in-depth review of the existing strategic plan, including the underlying assumptions, take stock of the changing context, present needs and realities and the shifts in donor agendas. The strategic review process was to help with the development of a new strategic direction for future work, taking into account the organizational strengths and capacities as well as opportunities for securing funding for the work envisioned within changing donor priorities.