Evaluations / Organizational Assessments


The team of consultants at SIPL led by Mr. Peter Rezel, Senior Consultant / Managing Director, has acquired a high level of expertise, competence and skills, having undertaken several evaluation assignments over the past several years.

While in most instances an evaluation is carried out on the basis of a Terms of Reference provided by the client. SIPL has endeavoured to add value to the process through its approach and methodology. In carrying out the assessment / evaluation or capacity study, SIPL premises its approach on an in depth analysis of the contextual background in terms of the political, social, economic and ecological environment within which the institution operates. Through adopting a constructively critical approach, the institution, programme or project success is assessed in terms of its relevance, efficiency, effectiveness / impact (i.e. the results achieved) and sustainability. Every effort is made to draw out the lessons learned from the intervention so that mistakes would be avoided and successful actions carried forward into the future.

The methodology used in the process range from one-on-one interviews, focal group discussions, questionnaires, critical observation and review of documentation / literature. As far as possible, a triangulated approach is adopted in the gathering of data.

SIPL, at all times seeks to maintain objectivity and professional integrity in the conduct of an assessment or evaluation.

SIPL’s last three assignments in this area are as follows;