Strategy Development and Programme / Project Planning


The SIPL consultancy team having developed over 25 Strategic Plans for diverse organizations has acquired a high level of expertise in facilitating the formulation of Strategic Plans. It is a major forte of the professional services rendered by SIPL.

SIPL adopts a results based approached in crafting strategic plans. The key features of the methodology adopted involve the following important stages:

  1. An in depth analysis of both the external and internal environment
  2. An identification of the issues to be addressed and based on a clustering of these issues, developing key focal areas of intervention and most importantly, a conceptual framework that would underpin the strategic interventions.
  3. Identifying results in the form of social changes or development outcomes that the organization hopes could be feasibly realized
  4. The strategic interventions referred to above involve developing intermediary outputs that are most likely to facilitate the realization of the outcomes.
  5. Formulating strategic activities that will effectively produce the outputs identified

The process also involves the development of a logical framework matrix that provides a coherent and cohesive framework of reference for the programmatic and organizational strategies formulated together with indicators of success at the outcome and output level.

SIPL has assisted in the development of the following strategic documents / plans;