Finalizing the Global Log Frame in connection with Phase III of FOKUS Sri Lanka Programme

FOKUS – Forum for Women and Development – is a knowledge and resource center for international women’s issues with an emphasis on the spreading of information and women-centered development cooperation. FOKUS’ primary goal is to contribute to the improvement of women’s social, economic, and political situation internationally. FOKUS works specifically with women’s rights and protection in armed conflicts and for the implementation of SCR 1325 in Norway and abroad.
FOKUS Sri Lanka, since 2012 has completed two phases of a programme funded by The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, Norad, which sought to contribute to the implementation of UNSCR 1325 on Women, Peace and Security in Sri Lanka. They are currently in the process of securing support for a third phase as part of the FOKUS Global programme (which includes FOKUS Colombia). Having sought proposals from 10 identified partners (8 of whom they currently work with) under the three broad themes, 1) Peacebuilding and Reconciliation 2) Transitional Justice and Women 3) Access to Justice for Women, they have, together with FOKUS HQ, developed a first draft of the Global Log Frame incorporating key Outcomes and Outputs of the different organizations reflecting the FOKUS Sri Lanka component of the Global programme.
SIPL assisted FOKUS Sri Lanka in finalizing the Sri Lankan component of the Global Log Frame ensuring its logical consistency with the common impact theme and its compatibility with the overall conceptual framework.